Climy makes workplaces sustainable with human-centered AI

Climy is a building automation solution that improves occupant physical and mental wellness, optimizes energy consumption, and gamifies reduction of individual carbon footprint.

Why Climy

Climy takes over your building’s energy processes and constantly optimizes both the indoor environment and energy consumption. Climy’s algorithms constantly improve the indoor environment, matching it with individual comfort preferences of every building user. The objective of energy consumption optimization is minimization of carbon emissions and maximization of occupant satisfaction and economic benefits from reduced energy costs and enhanced space usage.

What makes Climy truly stand out from any other building automation technology is that all our algorithms put human comfort, physical and mental wellness in the center of every process controlled by Climy. Among the data used by algorithms are readings from buildings’ sensors, current weather and weather forecasts, carbon emissions, energy prices. But in addition to that, algorithms and humans interact with each other via Climy phone app.

A software solution integrated on the top of any BMS (building management system) which is already installed in your building. Additional third-party remote controllers could be installed if necessary.

No need to buy expensive sensors. Climy is a solution that uses those sensors that are already installed in the buildings. Although, new third-party sensors could be added if needed.

Fast and painless solution deployment. It takes only one day for a medium-sized building to start using Climy.

Climy sustainable building

Climy addresses sustainability at workplaces by improving buildings along three core elements


Indoor climate

It is heating, ventilation, air conditioning, humidity, lighting, and anything else that defines how us, building users, feel in our bodies. Climy makes sure that individual preferences for the indoor climate are met to the best way possible, given the systems installed in the building.


Social climate

Forms the state of the building occupants’ mind. Apart from feeling comfortable, we, persons, need to feel appreciated, we need to know that we are heard. Climy is a powerful channel for communication between not only the algorithms controlling the building and occupants, but also for occupants’ communicating among each other.


Planet climate

Buildings, according to various public agencies, are responsible for up to 40% of global carbon emissions. This makes buildings major contributors to climate change. Climy makes a strong case for responsible energy consumption at the workplace, making reduction of individual carbon footprint, effective, rewarding, and fun.

Climy app features

Building occupants willingly actively reduce their energy consumption

Democratic decision-making for temperature and other changes affecting other occupants

Instant feedback and fault reporting for building facility managers

Adjustable preferences for how much a user wants to be bothered by the app

Individual carbon emission savings meter for every occupant

Personal rewards in form of achievement badges that are easily shared on social media

Climy sustainable development


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